Chobani develops yogurt line for kids

NORWICH, N.Y. — The first-ever Greek yogurt for kids is rolling out in stores nationwide this month.

Chobani's Champions line, available in Honey-Nana and VeryBerry flavors, blends low-fat yogurt and real fruit. Each 3.5-oz cup contains just 100 calories and provide an excellent source of vitamin D. 

Champions will be sold in four-packs.

"The launch of Chobani Champions embodies our heartfelt belief that if you give kids delicious foods that are also good for them, they will gladly raise a spoon and dig in," said Hamdi Ulakaya, president, CEO and founder of Agro Farma, Chobani's parent company. "The product name celebrates the potential of every child to be a champion in his or her own right."

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