Chattem launches Gold Bond, Icy Hot external care products

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. Chattem on Thursday announced the introduction of 15 new product launches, including four across the Gold Bond brand, three Icy Hot new products and two Cortizone-10 items.

The new product lineup includes two new skin care SKUs—Gold Bond Soothing and Gold Bond Protection. The Soothing SKU is formulated with anti-inflammatories and is targeted toward people with sensitive skin.

The company also introduced a new foot category of Gold Bond products, including a foot pain relief product that combines the skin technology of Gold Bond with the pain relief technology of Icy Hot, the company reported. The amount of consumers who are on their feet and suffering foot pain is extraordinary, and this would be the first and only product targeted really at tired, achy, painful feet.

The PM line of Icy Hot products has only been marginally successful, noted Zan Guerry, Chattem chairman and chief executive officer, during a conference call with analysts. “They didn’t bring the kind of breakthrough technology that we like to bring,” he said.

For 2009, across the Icy Hot brand Chattem plans to launch Icy Hot Medicated Roll. “If you think of an ACE bandage-type texture, it’s the type texture in that area, but this you can tear easily and so you can use it anywhere, anytime for on-the-go pain relief,” Guerry said. A second Icy Hot product to be launched this year is the Icy Hot No-Mess Applicator, which works like a roll-on deodorant product in application, Guerry said.


The new product launches also include two new Cortizone SKUs—Cortizone Cooling Gel and Cortizone Easy Relief, another roll-on product.

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