Charmin launches global sponsorship with 'Sit Or Squat' Web site and mobile phone application

CINCINNATI Charmin, the country's leading toilet paper, is launching a new global sponsorship of the "SitOrSquat" Web site, iPhone and Blackberry application, designed to help people on-the-go find the cleanest public restrooms around the world.

"Our goal is to connect Charmin with innovative conversations and solutions as a brand that understands the importance of bringing the best bathroom experience to consumers, even when they're away from home," stated Jacques Hagopian, brand manager for Charmin. "Helping people find a bathroom that is clean and comfortable is exactly what the SitOrSquat project is all about."

This is the first time that a toilet paper brand has partnered with a downloadable mobile application. The SitOrSquat iPhone and Blackberry application is the world's first Wiki for recording and accessing bathroom information globally. SitOrSquat allows users to find bathrooms, changing tables, handicap access and other amenities with ease. The application users are responsible to add content to the service and provide feedback when they've used one of the featured toilets. To date, SitOrSquat has over 52,000 toilets in 10 countries worldwide.

Since the SitorSquat service launched, over 1,600 users have downloaded the application and the SitOrSquat has over 500,000 unique visitors to date.

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