Charmin, Kenny G unite to celebrate new design

CINCINNATI — Charmin will transform the Hard Rock Café in Times Square into the “Soft Rocks! Café" to showcase Charmin Ultra Soft, which now features comfort cushions.

“At Charmin we regularly speak with consumers to get their perspective on our products. When we asked them about softness, they talked about their beds — the down comforters, fluffy pillows and Egyptian cotton sheets,” Gregg Weaver, senior scientist in family care research and development at P&G, said. “We used that insight to develop our comfort cushions, which look and feel soft like pillows.”

Weaver also revealed that softness is one of top three qualities consumers look for when looking for toilet paper, with strength and absorbency being the other two.

To kick-off the festivities, Charmin will bring in the talents of musician Kenny G — famous for his soothing, soft sound — to treat crowds to a concert outside the “Soft Rocks! Café.”


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