Changing Channels: Digi-Piggy, Puroast, Grill Daddy and more


TORRANCE, Calif. — Earlier this month, Cisco Sales Corp. introduced Digi-Piggy at the 108th Toy Fair in New York. Digi-Piggy calculates the value of all U.S. coins inserted and then displays the total on a digital readout on the pig’s snout. The Digi-Piggy is made of durable plastic with a simple twist-off lid, and is designed for children ages 3 years and older. The price point is $14.95.



WOODLAND, Calif. — People who receive diagnoses of heartburn or acid-reflux disease usually must give up coffee. But for millions of Americans, parting with the habitual cup of Joe can be hard. Online retailer and Puroast have teamed up to expand distribution of Puroast low-acid coffee, offering varieties ranging from house blend to French roast to hazelnut to espresso. Puroast uses a proprietary process to preserve the flavor and caffeine in coffee, but leaves it with 50% less acid than other commercial brands. The price point is $9.99.

Contact: (877) LOW-ACID,

Grill Daddy

CHICAGO — Barbecuing is a time-honored tradition for American families during spring and summer. But with every steak, hot dog and shish kebab cooked comes the need to clean all of the gunk off the grill. Former Chicago Bears defensive tackle William “The Fridge” Perry has been tapped as the spokesman for Grill Daddy, a barbecue-cleaning brush. Users can preheat the grill, fill the brush with water and brush away food residue and grease; the heat and water combine to form steam. The price points are $14.99 for the basic-model brush, $24.95 for the pro-model brush and $59.99 for the grand model.


Pocket Dots

WESTERN SPRINGS, Ill. — Of all the difficulties that can arise from pregnancy, one of the most easily addressed is pants or maternity bands that slip and fall. Entrepreneur Annie Tandy has responded by inventing Pocket Dots, which grip pants and prevent them from slipping. Tandy developed Pocket Dots through field-testing and conversations with moms over the years, consistently hearing that maternity bands didn’t keep pants in place. The price point is $6.95, and the dots come in off-white and black colors.


Lazy Cakes

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The words “chocolate brownie” and “dietary supplement” may seem contradictory, but one company has managed to bring the two together. Memphis, Tenn.-based HBB is touting Lazy Cakes, a chocolate brownie packed with a blend of such herbs as passion flower, rose hip extract, valerian root extract and melatonin. Lazy Cakes are designed as a relaxation and sleep aid for people with busy, stressful lifestyles. The price point is $9.99.


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