CHANGING CHANNELS: Hot products outside of food, drug and mass

NEW YORK —Honeycat Cosmetics is a line of bath and body products designed to appeal to that sexy feline lurking inside women. The brand’s adorable packaging, clever marketing and attractive price points make Honey-cat the cat’s meow.

The products, created and developed by owner Theresa Spruill, currently are available online and in select specialty shops.

The collection includes such products as Chick of the Sea foaming bath crystals ($8), Rub My Tummy Milk & Honey hand and body cream ($12), Chocolate bath melt treats ($25 for a box of eight “chocolates”) and Warm Milk Martini: Powdered Milk Bath ($20).

CHICAGO—As popular an accessory as the Apple iPod Nano has become, one of the greatest dilemmas for users is where to put it when out running or on the way to work.

ManGlaze Ink has developed a way in the form of the RAWKband—a leather wristband that allows the iPod to be worn like a watch. The wristbands, which come in colors ranging from black to brown to white, are made in the United States and are aimed at young men.

The design allows an iPod Nano to be fitted into the wristband so that it sits directly on the wrist, which reduces bulk and helps prevent damage, while the headphone wire can be slid through the sleeve and up the arm. RAWKband wristbands have a suggested retail price of $26.66.

LOS ANGELES—Baby Kiss & Coo, founded by Laura Gianni, has introduced Soothing Shapes and Sounds for Baby DVDs, designed to soothe and calm babies while stimulating their senses. Gianni discovered her first baby’s fascination with shadows cast through the window by a banana plant, and soon discovered that the first images babies visualize are black images against a light background.

The DVDs—priced at $15.99—play silhouettes of various animals, shapes and vehicles against light-colored backgrounds with such themes as the ocean, farms and abstract shapes. Classical music by such composers as Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven and Bach plays in the background.

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