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Pacific Share Holdings’ Nature-Cide bed bug spray

LOS ANGELES —From images of moviegoers emerging from a cinema covered in bites and closures of luxury stores in New York, to reports of infestations in other major cities, bed bugs have become the biggest six-legged menace since killer bees, infesting the country in ways unseen for more than 50 years. The tiny, blood-sucking insects have become a hazard in any place where furniture is shared, and they can hitch rides home with travelers in suitcases and on other personal belongings.

Pacific Share Holdings has launched a new 100%-natural bed bug spray as part of its Nature-Cide line of products. The spray comes in 32-oz. bottles for home use (suggested retail price of $19.99), as well as 8-oz. ($9.99) and 2-oz. ($3.99) bottles for travelers.

HILLSBORO, N.H.—As cars get older, a variety of environmental factors ranging from ultraviolet rays to chemicals to pollutants can start to erode the clarity of headlight lenses, thus reducing headlights’ ability to emit light and contributing to the risk of crashes.

But lighting company Sylvania has launched a way for drivers to combat the problem with its Headlight Restoration kit. While replacing headlight lenses can cost up to $300, restoring them costs around $25. The kit removes the hazy, yellow appearance of older headlight lenses, as well as provides protection from UV rays and up to 70% glare reduction, according to Sylvania.

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