Changing Channels — FakeTV, Philips incandescent lightbulbs and Simply Naked unoaked wine

Chill out, chihuahua
Stress and anxiety among pets can lead to all kinds of negative emotions, but Rescue Remedy Pet offers a quick and easy solution.
Price: $15.55 to $18.95

Incessant wining
Constellation Wines has introduced Simply Naked, the country's first lineup of unoaked wines. The collection includes 2010 vintages of pinot grigio, merlot, chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon.
Price: $9.99

Medicine for Edison
Lighting gets an upgrade with Philips' new halogen incandescent light bulbs, which reduce energy use by at least 28% and are mercury-free.
Price: $2.29 to $2.99

Smart idiot box
Burglars will think twice before entering a house when FakeTV makes them think they see the pulsating blue light of a television.
Price: $34.95

Most pets dread bath time, but John Paul Pet's Awapoochi makes the experience easier with the awapuhi plant's moisturizing properties.
Price: $11.99

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