Changing Channels — eReader Book Light, Bite-Lite, Paper Shower and more

The bane of many a parent's existence is a combination of kids, crayons and walls, but wall art doesn't have to be a nuisance. WallPops are removable, peel-and-stick vinyl wall decorations, including floral and abstract designs and dry-erase kits.
Price: $15.99 to $31.99

Bugging out
Bite-Lite is launching mosquito-repelling candles that use essential oils to attack the mosquito's sensors. The formula is inspired by such animals as monkeys that rub fruits and leaves on their fur to repel biting insects.
Price: $5.99 to $6.99

This fu's for you
Providing calcium and vitamins D and K, Nasoya's Sprouted Tofu Plus benefits from sprouted soybeans, which release higher levels of nutrients and soften the beans to make them more digestible.
Price: $2.79

24/7 dry cleaning
Designed to make users both clean and dry, Paper Shower comes in packets that contain one towelette for washing and one for drying.
Price: $7.50 to $12.70

Intellectual e-lightenment
Zelco Industries is providing light and eliminating glare with the eReader Book Light, which illuminates e-readers for up to 15 hours.
Price: $15 to $30

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