Chain Store Guide to publish profiles of top 16 retailers

NEW YORK Chain Store Guide, a sister publication of Drug Store News, recently introduced comprehensive profiles, including both up-to-date analysis and in-depth data, on 16 of the top-most retailers operating across food, drug and mass.

By January 2008, Chain Store Guide will field Top Company Profiles of the top 31 retailers, including Walgreens, CVS Caremark and Wal-Mart.

Each report, ranging in size from more than 30 pages to almost 80 pages, offers a unique blend of current operational data on each retailer combined with editorial analysis, historical and statistical data, market share performance and store location analysis, including maps and demographics.

“Manufacturers and suppliers who either have these top companies as accounts and are looking to gain additional insights into their [customers’] strategic initiatives and strategies,” would most benefit from these new reports commented Michael Jarvis, director of product development at Chain Store Guide. The reports may also be of benefit to suppliers and their brokers looking to get a product on the retail shelf.

The reports include several visuals—including sales charts and graphs and store density maps—that will appeal to both senior level executives looking for a concise executive summary as well as action officers who need to crunch and analyze the various data points. “A lot of the marketshare information, that’s pulled from our proprietary database,” Jarvis said. “We collect information on store locations … through our in-house teleresearch department.”

The Top Company Profiles also detail the brands and models of technology used at the corporate and store levels. Additional editorial commentary delivers insight on key marketing and advertising strategies, including market overviews and competitive factors challenging each chain. Listings of executives and merchandising personnel for each company are also key features of the profiles. The profiles are updated annually, Jarvis said, or as necessary on a case-by-case basis so as to field the latest information. “We will be providing personnel updates, sales information and [any] key major changes will be reflected in the profiles.”

Included with the profiles is an Excel spreadsheet containing all of the company’s individual store locations with name, address, phone number, store number and CBSA (Core Based Statistical Area).

Chain Store Guide’s Top Company Profiles are now available as a pdf download for $1,295 each. Visit or call 800-465-7661.

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