Cetaphil to launch Restoraderm line

FORT WORTH, Texas Cetaphil -- a Galderma Laboratories brand of cleansers and moisturizers -- in the coming months is launching its new Cetaphil Restoraderm line for consumers with eczema and atopic dermatitis.

Hitting retail stores by August is the new Cetaphil Restoraderm skin-restoring body wash and skin-restoring moisturizer. Both products are designed to enhance the skin's ability to store hydration and help repair the epidermal barrier as part of a dermatologist-recommended daily routine for the management of eczema.

People suffering with eczema and atopic dermatitis lack the production of natural moisturizers that serves as a barrier against viruses and bacteria and have a deficiency in ceramides, which hold skin cells together and form a healthy skin barrier. The lack of natural moisturizers and ceramides is what dictates eczema and atopic dermatitis symptoms, leaving the skin dry, itchy and painful.

The products will have an average price of $14.99 each.

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