Cephalon submits application to FDA for supplemental uses of Fentora

FRAZER, Pa. Cephalon has submitted a supplemental application to the Food and Drug Administration to market its cancer drug Fentora as a “breakthrough pain” drug that would treat chronic pain conditions that could include lower back and neuropathic pain, according to the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Breakthrough pain is characterized as pain that is rapid on its onset and moderate-to-severe in intensity and relatively short in duration. If the application is approved, Fentora would also be indicated for breakthrough pain in chronic pain conditions experienced by opiod-tolerant patients.

In September, the FDA and Cephalon issued warnings to patients and doctors alerting them of the potential fatal risk factors associated with improper use of Fentora in such cases as patients using them to treat migraines or other types of short-term pain. Cephalon is also working with the FDA to update the package insert of the drug to include revised patient selection criteria and dosing instructions.

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