Centrum invites women to 'take back' time

MADISON, N.J. Multivitamin maker Centrum is encouraging women to pledge an hour toward an activity that is important to them.

According to a recent Centrum survey, 3-out-of-4 women don't have enough time in the day to do everything they would like. In response to this, Centrum has launched a new website, LoveFeelingHealthy.com, which gives women the opportunity to win prizes that allow them "take back" time to do something they love. The site also offers users the ability to download a coupon for $3 off their next purchase of Centrum Women's or Centrum Men's vitamins to help achieve better health and energy to enjoy life. The promotion is in line with daylight saving time, which occurs on Nov. 7.

"Our survey shows that women's lifestyles are suffering from lack of energy and time. We know that it's important for women to live healthy and well-balanced lifestyles so they can do all the activities on their to-do lists," said Tiffany McLaud, franchise lead for dietary supplements at Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, maker of Centrum. "Centrum, along with a healthy lifestyle, can help women find the energy to enjoy life to the fullest."

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