Celebrity icons drive scents

Coty’s Beyonce Pulse

It has been a bit of an uphill battle for fragrance within the mass market, but industry sources remain optimistic as “new” continues to drive much of the business and celebrity scents remain in the spotlight.

“The celebrity fragrances trend shows no signs of abating as there are still A-list stars who have just put their names to fragrances in the United States, such as Lady Gaga.

High-caliber U.S. stars are still queuing up to launch their own perfumes, suggesting that the trend is far from over,” stated research from Euromonitor International. “Celebrity fragrances tend to appeal to young women who seek out these products to connect with their idols, but typically have a very short shelf life as young consumers are quick to move on to the next ‘hot’ star.”

In line with that trend, pop star sensation Justin Bieber has teamed up with Give Back Brands, a new lifestyle products company that donates its proceeds to charity, to launch his women’s fragrance called “Someday.” The fragrance debuted in June at select specialty stores.

Coty has partnered with international celebrity and multifaceted supermodel Heidi Klum to launch her new signature fragrance, Heidi Klum Shine, in the fall. Heidi Klum Shine is expected to be the No. 1 launch of the fall, delivering more than $10 million.
In addition, Coty Beauty will launch its newest scent in the Beyonce Parfums portfolio, Beyonce Pulse in September. Pulse will join the Heat and Heat Rush collections. And Coty has signed Lady Gaga to develop and market her first-ever signature fragrance that is expected to launch in spring 2012.

While celebrity fragrances continue to be popular, an open-sell format at retail also is key to driving sales. “The [retail] customers that are winning in that everyday business are the ones that are engaging with the customer, and they are engaging it through sampling because each customer has to sample a fragrance five or six times before they are going to buy. But most importantly, it is around open sell,” John Burgfechtel, VP sales strategy, customer marketing and sales operations for Coty Beauty, told Drug Store News.

“Those [retail] customers that have put in an open sell, either in a test or a rollout, the data point remains consistent — you take the glass off and let the customer engage in the purchase, product and the category is going to go up 22%,” he said. 


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