CDC's flu recommendations emphasizes convenience of retail pharmacy

WHAT IT MEANS AND WHY IT'S IMPORTANT It’s important for three reasons. First, the government is making a strong push for people to get their flu shots — both seasonal and H1N1. Second, that H1N1 flu shot is widely available at your local retail pharmacy. And third, this will further help establish retail pharmacy as the convenient go-to source for health.

(THE NEWS: CDC still urges H1N1 vaccination efforts despite incidence drop. For the full story, click here)

And all of that is good for business, both short term and long term.

Short term, because all of this government messaging that will likely be covered extensively during the evening and late-night newscasts is going to drive traffic into the pharmacy for the flu shot. After all, pharmacy is convenient, and according to the CDC, the vaccine ought to be readily accessible. Because of that messaging, traffic may become heavier than in years past as incidence of the seasonal flu begins picking up later this month or in February, as is expected, a factor that will serve as a sort of “You see? We told you the flu was coming back” call to action for consumers.

Long term, because it’s just one more example of all of the comprehensive services you can find at your local pharmacy, which grow even more comprehensive when you couple that pharmacy with a retail clinic partner. It’s convenient. Pharmacists and nurse practitioners work around their customer’s schedules, not the other way around. And it’s one-stop health shopping for all your needs — you can get the flu shot, cough and cold medicines or immunity boosting supplements and become educated around colds and flu all in one place.

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