C&D enters personal lubricant market, seeking to make Trojan intimacy health 'mega-brand'

NEW YORK — Trojan is about to enter the personal lubricant business, Jim Craigie, chairman and CEO for Church & Dwight, told analysts last week at the 2013 Consumer Analyst Group of New York Conference. 

"Trojan, finally, is entering the sexual lubricant category with a brand called Crazy Sexy Feel, under the Trojan brand name," Craigie said. "We hope to do this category, what the AXE brand did to the deodorant category."

C&D will be introducing three SKUs and will be sampling heavily to help drive share, Craigie said. "Big category, $250 million in sales," Craigie said. "Actually been a little soft or stagnant the last few years, because of a lack of innovation. We're going to bring it to the category." Craigie noted that while condom use declines as people age, personal lubricant and personal massager use remains high over the course of a person's lifespan. "This is all part of our strategy to turn Trojan into our next megabrand," he said. 

C&D is looking to become the No. 1 brand across three intimacy health segments, Craigie said. That includes the condom category, a $500 million category of which Trojan has a 66% dollar share; the personal massager category, about a $300 million category; and personal lubricants.

"You've seen the category size and growth [across these three categories]," he said. "With the trends in America, driven by, whether it's books [like Fifty Shades of Grey] or things like that, it's become a mainstream [product]. I actually believe that, and we want to take the brand, it is the mainstream brand, and take it across all the categories and create our next mega-brand."

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