CCA, AIMp join forces to speak for British chains

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, England The Company Chemists Association and the Association of Independent Multiples announced Monday that they are establishing a joint venture to undertake policy development and representation on behalf of the membership of the two bodies. “Multiples” is the U.K. equivalent of U.S. “chain stores.”

“Pharmacy representation is going through a period of unprecedented change. Multiple pharmacy is becoming an increasingly significant player in the UK community pharmacy sector,” observed Digby Emson, the chairman of CCA. “Over the last few years, it has become clear that AIMp and the CCA share a lot of common ground.”

The collaboration will be formally structured as a jointly owned company, “The CCA & AIMp Ltd.,” which will draw resources and manpower from both organizations to undertake a jointly established work program, focused on the development of shared policy positions and representation of the multiple perspective within pharmacy and externally with key health care stakeholders.

“This is an opportunity for both organizations to build on their strategic fit with much closer collaboration. Together, CCA and AIMp represent over 60 percent of the market. We have seen over the last year that through collaboration, we both benefit and have increased influence,” said Steve Williams, the chairman of AIMp. “AIMp and the CCA have different roots, and will continue as organizations in their own right, but wherever possible in the future we will be speaking, through CCA & AIMp Ltd, with one voice.”

“This joint venture provides a vehicle for us to collaborate more closely and to ensure that there is stronger voice for multiple pharmacy in both NHS and professional policy making moving forward,” added Emson. “We see this development as a win-win for both our organizations—and the sector as a whole. “

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