Catamaran programs win awards

PBM wins Chicago Innovation Award, URAC award

LISLE, Ill. – A pharmacy benefit manager has received two awards for what it called "innovative healthcare tools."

Catamaran Corp. announced that it was named a 2012 Chicago Innovation Awards Top Ten Winner for its Enhanced Coordination of Benefits program, which identifies the payer of a claim while addressing quality of care and delivery of benefits for patients. It also received the Silver Honors for Healthcare Consumer Empowerment and Protection from healthcare accreditation organization URAC for its Real-Time Solutions to Collaborate and Improve Adherence initiative, which it developed with the University of Toledo.

“Catamaran's Enhanced Coordination of Benefits program is the only offering on the market that is performed proactively rather than after a claim is processed and paid, saving dollars, resources and time,” Catamaran EVP research and innovation John Romza said. “It is just one example of our passion for creating leading-edge programs that save money and pave the way for a healthier, more productive society.”


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