Catalina Health addresses medication nonadherence with Health Consumer Journey

ST PETERSBURG, Fla. — A division of Catalina Marketing has introduced a healthcare solution designed to drive medication adherence and create healthier outcomes for patients.

Catalina Health said its Health Consumer Journey turns in-depth insights — gathered from its privacy protected, proprietary pharmacy databases — into personalized patient education that is clinically and emotionally relevant, and delivers it to health consumers where they need it most — right at the pharmacy point-of-care, the company said.

“You can’t incite change unless you know what’s preventing adherence on an individual basis,” Catalina Health president Renee Selman said. “The Health Consumer Journey is reinventing the way we help drive adherence by understanding each patient is on a different health journey, examining their unique emotional drivers, and crafting meaningful messaging that resonates and motivates the individual health consumer.”

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