Carmex expands skin care portfolio with fragrance-free cream

MILWAUKEE — Carma Labs, the maker of Carmex lip balms and skin care products, has announced the introduction of a fragrance-free healing cream, an alternative to the company’s fragranced Everyday Healing Cream product.

The new fragrance-free cream employs the same moisturzing formulation as the existing product to relieve dry skin using such ingredients as lanolin and petrolatum. 

“We are happy to report that our new skin care line has been performing favorably and is well-liked by consumers,” stated Mike Pietsch, EVP of Carma Labs. “In an in-home test, we found that 32% of consumers say they purchase fragrance-free hand and body skin care products, which is consistent with industry reports of fragrance-free market share in the category. Our new fragrance-free healing cream offers consumers more choices when selecting a Carmex skin care product to fit their individual preferences.”

The fragrance-free Everyday Healing Cream is now available and has a suggested retail price for the product is $5.49 in drug stores and $4.99 in mass retail stores.

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