Carma Laboratories introduces new packaging across entire Carmex line

MILWAUKEE — Carma Laboratories on Tuesday announced fresh packaging across its Carmex lip balm line designed to attract attention with a vibrant yellow and red label. 

“Extensive research went into this new look," stated Paul Woelbing, Carma Labs president. "With the expansion of our product line over the years, the new packaging helps customers easily identify our products and the specific skin care solution that they are seeking."

The new packaging displays updated label information sharing that Carmex products containing Sun Protection Factor  have been reformulated to use Broad Spectrum SPF. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation broad-spectrum sunscreen is recommended to offer protection against both UVA and UVB rays.

The packaging refresh also includes Carmex skin care products, including Hydrating Lotion, Healing Cream and Healing Ointment. The new packaging was initially reflected with the launch of the two newest Carmex lip balm products: Pomegranate-flavored Ultra Smooth Lip Balm and Lip Conditioner.

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