CardStar extends customized couponing app for iPad

BOSTON A maker of mobile loyalty card applications launched one of its popular smart phone apps for the Apple iPad.

CardStar's app is designed to connect merchants, brands and consumers through existing rewards card programs, the company said. Since launching in 2009, CardStar's app has had 2 million downloads and currently services more than 700,000 active users.


CardStar's customized couponing features:

  • Scissor-free and hassle-free coupon clipping: To select a coupon, drag and drop it onto the corresponding merchant's digital loyalty card inside of CardStar for iPad. To redeem saved coupons, simply use the loyalty card at checkout, whether it's the original plastic one or digital version in the CardStar smart phone app (iPhone, Blackberry and Droid);
  • Retailer and manufacturer coupons: CardStar currently partners with numerous retailers and coupon providers, including Zavers, to provide a wide range of saving opportunities;
  • Personalization: CardStar helps avoid information overload by only sending coupons for retailers saved in a user's CardStar card catalog;
  • Filtering: Users easily can see coupons they've selected previously or search for those from specific brands; and
  • Social sharing: Coupons can be e-mailed to friends and family through the app, and users also can automatically check-in through Foursquare at checkout.


"Coupons and rewards programs have been around for decades, but they haven't adapted to today's ever-evolving economy nor met consumer demand for digital content. The CardStar iPad app is an extension of the mobile wallet and offers consumers another touch point to connect with merchants and brands," said Andy Miller, CardStar CEO.

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