Cardinal Health’s Women in Pharmacy initiative addresses pharmacy ownership at United Nations

NEW YORK — Eden Sulzer, director of Cardinal Health’s Women in Pharmacy initiative, on Tuesday will discuss the unprecedented opportunity female pharmacists have to assume community pharmacy ownership roles during a panel discussion at the 2014 International Women's Day Forum, taking place at the United Nations. 

The theme of year’s International Women’s Day Forum is "Turning Inspiration into Action: Next Steps for the Private Sector to Empower Women Globally." During a panel discussion entitled "The Sheconomy: The Power of the Female Consumer in a Growing Middle Class," Sulzer will discuss how she created Cardinal Health’s Women in Pharmacy initiative in 2011, with the goal of connecting the growing number of women pharmacists with resources, tools, education and support they need to seize the opportunity of independent pharmacy ownership.

Sulzer also will discuss how female community pharmacists are particularly well-positioned to serve as trusted, convenient, local healthcare resources for fellow women — who make 80% of healthcare purchasing decisions for their family and often serve as caregiver for their children, as well as aging parents.

Sulzer will shed light on key demographic and economic factors that are positioning women pharmacists as a powerful force in the reshaping of how healthcare is delivered at the community level. For example, women comprised less than 13% of all pharmacists in 1970 and comprise almost half of all pharmacists today. Additionally, because two-thirds of new pharmacy graduates are women and because most pharmacists nearing retirement are men, the proportion of pharmacists who are women will continue rising. By 2025, 2-out-of-3 pharmacists are likely to be women.

Sulzer also will share insight into current barriers to female pharmacy ownership, and what steps need to be taken to empower women pharmacists to buy and own their own pharmacies.

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