Campbell’s goes head-to-head with rival Progresso in print ads

CAMDEN, N.J. Campbell’s newest ad launched today in the New York Times for its Select Harvest healthy line of soups, takes aim directly at General Mills’ Progresso soup line.

Campbell, a leader in canned soups in the United States and markets abroad, created the ad which frames a can of Progresso soup right next to can of Campbell’s Select Harvest. A caption over the can of Progresso reads, “Made With MSG,” meanwhile a photo of  Select Harvest runs under the heading, “Made With TLC.”

The campaign comes in response to the success of the launch of Progresso Light soups, which hit shelves last year and were immediately given a stamp of approval by Weight Watchers.

Progresso’s ad company Saatchi & Saatchi of New York, has been working on reaching the male consumer with its TV ads which tout Progresso Light as “What a light soup should be.”

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