Cambridge Consultants' Vena allows devices to wirelessly monitor compliance

CAMBRIDGE, England A new single-chip platform designed by Cambridge Consultants called “Vena” will allow medical devices to transmit data wirelessly, according to published reports. Vena is aimed at people with chronic conditions who will be able to monitor their own health accurately and independently.

According to the researchers, the software-based platform can be added to a medical device using hardware and would only cost about $10. The platform uses low power wireless network technology to transmit readings to a central monitor located in the home, or to an online health record such as Google Health or Microsoft Health Vault.

“This first successful demonstration of the platform, combined with its affordability, and compatibility, opens up a whole vista of possibilities in the way health is monitored and treated. This platform takes us one step closer to all the possibilities of next-generation healthcare,” said Paul Williamson, head of wireless medical at Cambridge Consultants.

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