Calif.-based Albertsons stores achieve 'zero waste' classification

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — Albertsons, which is owned by Supervalu, recently announced that two of its stores located in California reached “zero waste” classification in their daily operations.

Through a combination of innovative recycling programs, a food donation program and a joint organic composting program with the city of Santa Barbara, the two stores now divert all noncontaminated waste from landfills and incinerators, the company reported. In total, more than 95% of all waste products from both stores are recycled, reused or composted — exceeding the 90% threshold commonly recognized as zero waste.

“Albertsons, and Supervalu as a whole, is committed to leading the way on environmental sustainability and diverting all possible waste from our Santa Barbara stores is a major accomplishment in this effort,” said Rick Crandall, director of sustainability at Albertsons. “In addition to keeping waste out of our landfills, we are charting a course for the future of our stores — one that will not only help our environment and the communities we serve, but also the overall success of our business.”

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