Cabot Creamery takes its show on the road

CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. Cabot Creamery has begun a nationwide road tour promoting the benefits of calcium in fighting childhood obesity and osteoporosis. The tour has hit the New York Capital District and is set to stop at more than 12 Price Chopper Supermarkets in the area.

Cabot’s road crew will be handing out coupons, prizes and  recipes, as well as samples of Cabot’s classic cheeses, including new mega-3 cheddar.

Cabot spokesman Mark Hackett told the media: “One thing Cabot is famous for is its cheddar cheese, and cheddar cheese is lactose free. So a lot people who are avoiding dairy still need their source of calcium and the best source of calcium is naturally through cheese, yogurt, or milk.”

The Cabot Road Show will be visiting cities nationwide to promote its message of healthy weight loss.

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