Burn cream tackles pain, infection, scars

Welmedix’s First Degree burn cream

Welmedix’s First Degree therapeutic burn cream provides a unique solution for minor burns that the company suggests is an unmet need at retail. It’s an all-in-one burn cream that helps soothe pain, cool the burn, prevent infection and reduce the appearance of scars.

According to the company, First Degree is the only homeopathic product on the 
market that effectively addresses the three key concerns of people who suffer minor burns, including pain, infection and scarring.
More than 158,000 children are treated for burns each year, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates.

More than half of burns treated at hospitals are thermal burns, such as those occuring with contact with a stove, fireplace or even the hot metal tubing at the playground, according to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System. Scalding is the No. 2 leading cause — 29.4% of burns treated at hospitals resulted from liquids or vapors like steam, hot bath water or tipped-over coffee cups.

Sold almost exclusively through Walgreens for the past year, the burn cream is beginning to expand distribution through such grocers as Pathmark and Food City, as well as regional pharmacy operators Kinney Drugs and Kerr Drug.


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