Brush Buddies introduces new Soniclean Pro Series

FONTANA, Calif. — Brush Buddies has introduced the new Soniclean Pro available in 5000, 3000 and 2000 models. 

The Soniclean Pro family provides up to 34,000 strokes per minute in whitening mode and offers a built-in two-minute smart timer that guides users to spend the dentist-recommended 30 seconds per quadrant of the mouth when brushing.

The Soniclean Pro 5000 comes equipped with a UV sanitizer to effectively remove bacteria from all four included brush heads. Three unique modes adjust the speed of the bristles from sensitive to standard to whitening. The whitening brush head features technology that embeds polishing particles on the bristles to remove tartar and stains. In addition to the whitening brush head, the sensitive brush head features ultra-thin tapered bristles that gently reach around teeth and gums. The soft bristles clean while massaging gums without discomfort so it’s ideal for people with sensitive teeth, braces or receding gums. There is also a full-sized brush head for adults that features soft bristles shaped to clean around the contours of teeth and gums. And for kids, there is a smaller brush head specially designed to clean even in those hard-to-reach places. A rechargeable battery economically powers the unit.

Like the Soniclean Pro 5000, the Soniclean Pro 3000 is rechargeable and provides three sonic cleaning modes and comes with three brush heads, including the whitening brush head as well as the adult and kids brush. The Soniclean Pro 3000 also includes brush head storage.
The battery-powered Soniclean Pro 2000 comes with two brush heads for the cleaning of adult and kids' teeth. Special whitening and sensitive brush heads are sold separately.


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