Broadway Nails debuts new French nail look

Nail care company Kiss is looking to jazz up the classic French nail look this spring with the launch of new Nude French Deceptions and Tip Tease under its Broadway Nails brand.

The Nude French Deceptions feature a softer white tip that blends in with the natural pink nail. The glue-on nails last for up to 10 days. The kit contains 28 Nude French Nails in 14 sizes and nail glue and comes in two shades: peach and pink.

The company also introduced new Tip Tease nails that feature a hot pink swirly-flower pattern over the white tip for a more creative nail.

Both nail products feature new packaging for the nail glue. The glue has a resealable screw cap for easy open and dry-proof storage. The formula now contains vitamin A, E and Pro B5 to promote natural nail growth and strengthening.

Both products retail for $4.99.

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