Brand director announces Safeway to carry O Organics supplements

LOS ANGELES Global Brands on Thursday announced the launch of O Organics Supplements through Safeway.

“As one of the retail world’s fastest growing product segments, the organic sector is rapidly outgrowing its niche status and becoming a mainstream staple with strong, across-the-board demand from the many shoppers who are looking for healthier, more environmentally friendly options,” stated Sheetal Khanna, director of brand strategy for Global Brands at Lucerne Foods. “We’re continually developing new products to best serve this fast-changing market and the O Organics Supplements line delivers exactly the type of simple, effective and affordable solutions these consumers desire.”

The 12-SKU line of USDA certified organic supplements includes vitamin C, calcium and St. John’s Wort.

O Organics plans to expand the line to other retailers in 2009.

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