BP kiosk uploads data to EHR

PharmaSmart’s PS-2000 blood-pressure kiosk

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Blood-pressure kiosks have become a ubiquitous site in retail pharmacies across the country, but like pharmacy automation and technology as a whole, they’re continuing to advance and offer new features.

PharmaSmart said its latest kiosk offers Internet connectivity, patient data tracking and integration with patients’ health records, such as allowing patients to upload data to Microsoft HealthVault and Google Health. The recently launched PharmaSmart connectivity network has collected and stored 4 million patient readings on blood pressure, body mass index and blood glucose; in 2010, its client networks found nearly 1.5 million blood-pressure readings that were hypertensive.

“The greater the clinical significance you can address in your kiosk, the greater involvement you’re going to have from the pharmacy staff, and that will help increase participation rates in terms of how they participate in and administer counseling, and in terms of how the patients accept the product and want to frequently use it,” PharmaSmart general manager and SVP Ashton Maaraba told Drug Store News.

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