Bounty introduces cloth-like DuraTowel

CINCINNATI — Bounty, a Proctor and Gamble brand, has unveiled the new DuraTowel, a cloth-like paper towel designed to use instead of reusing dishcloths, which the company said can redeposit millions of germs after just one use.

“Believe it or not, you may think your family’s kitchen is clean after you wipe up with a dishcloth, but surfaces may not be as spotless as they look because your dishcloth is actually hiding a dirty little secret,” said Gregg Weaver, Procter & Gamble research and development engineer for Bounty. “In P&G lab demonstrations, black lights reveal that even after rinsing, used dishcloths can still harbor germs and drag them around. Switching to Bounty DuraTowel means you can feel good about cleaning up knowing you’re using a cleaner alternative than a used dishcloth.”

Some health and hygiene experts agree. “To use a paper towel and then to throw it away is a very smart thing to do, especially on any surface in your kitchen where you’ve been preparing food,” said Elizabeth Scott, founder and co-director of the Simmons Center for Hygiene and Community Settings at Simmons College in Boston. “Dishcloths should be left at the sink for washing only and should be kept away from all other surfaces to cut down on the potential for cross contamination.”

The DuraTowel is made with a durable, fiber-rich design and is ideal for cleaning countertops, sinks and even small appliances, the company noted.

Bounty DuraTowel retails for $3.19 and is available at food and grocery as well as mass retailers nationwide.

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