Bounty 'Bring It' campaign launches music video on YouTube

CINCINNATI Bounty is telling messes to "bring it" in a new music video that debuted on YouTube Friday.

The first-ever music video from the Bounty brand puts a captivating and humorous spin on a paper towel product demonstration set to rap music performed by the "Paper Towel Gang," Procter & Gamble said. The video, approximately two minutes in length, showcases an actual Bounty product demonstration originally created by P&G's internal Research and Development team, in which 11 billiard balls are balanced atop one sheet of Bounty that is stretched taut across the mouth of a 10-inch bowl.  The Bounty paper towel withstands the weight of the billiard balls without ripping or tearing.  Then, for the ultimate test, five gallons of water are poured over the Bounty, which still holds up, showcasing the paper towel's strength, absorbency and durability.

"Our motivation for the 'Bring It' campaign is to empower moms to encourage creativity and learning-by-doing with their children, with the assurance that they can say 'yes to the mess' with Bounty," said Dave Lee, Procter & Gamble North American Bounty delivery brand manager. "We are excited to release the music video as a way to bring one of our amazing product demonstrations to life, showcasing Bounty's benefits in a popular and highly entertaining way."

Bounty fans can follow the brand online and share the "Bring It" video with friends at the recently launched Facebook page:

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