Boots launches Protect & Perfect skin care regime

LONDON U.K. beauty retailer Boots has announced the launch of an entire Protect & Perfect skin care regime following the success of its No7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum in 2007.

The range, which has been formulated using a blend of next-generation antioxidants, has been expanded to include a day cream moisturizer with SPF 15, the No7 Protect & Perfect Night Cream, an eye cream and a body moisturizer.

Each product contains the Protect & Perfect firming complex with lipo-peptides and white lupin extract to help improve the appearance of skin after UV damage to collagen and elastin.

The No7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum shot to fame in the summer of 2007 after a television documentary stated that it found the skin care product scientifically proven to repair photo-aged skin and improve the fine lines associated with photo-aging. Sales of the product increased by nearly 2,000 percent the day after the television program, with 13 being sold every minute, according to Boots. At the height of the frenzy, Boots’ production facilities were working around the clock to hit a target of 1,000 bottles per hour.

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