BOOM! By Cindy Joseph! launches Boomstick Minis

NEW YORK — BOOM! By Cindy Joseph!, which was founded by model and makeup artist Cindy Joseph, has expanded its portfolio with the new Boomstick Minis.

The perfect addition to regular size Boomsticks, beauty mavens can now carry the same Color, Glimmer and Glo for touch-ups when out and about.

BOOM! By Cindy Joseph is a line of products that create the same glow a woman's skin generates when she is having fun and turned on to life. Whether laughing, dancing or romancing, a woman's circulation revs up with the same color and shine that Boomstick Minis create in one quick and easy application.

Throughout her 25-year career as a makeup artist, and then becoming a supermodel at age 49, Joseph has promoted ageful beauty, celebrating women of every generation.

Each Boomstick Mini is a universal and essential shade for cheeks, eyelids, lips, decollate, shoulders or anywhere consumers want to enhance their natural beauty for both day and evening. Boomstick Minis eliminate the myriad of products and applicators that create an overstuffed cosmetics bag.


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