Boiron's Arnicare Gel available as homeopathic pain reliever

NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa. Boiron is pitching its homeopathic pain reliever Arnicare Gel to Americans on the go, the company announced last week.

“Individuals unaccustomed to tasks such as gardening or home improvement and fitness buffs and athletes who want to maintain their active lifestyles will find that Arnicare Gel is one of the safest options for self-treatment,” stated Christophe, Merville, Boiron’s pharmaceutical development manager. “Applying a thin layer of the gel on the affected area soon after an injury occurs can provide adequate relief of muscle aches, stiffness and bruising. Persons of all ages can recover more quickly no matter what the activity.”

The active ingredient in Arnicare Gel is Arnica montana, the company stated, also known as the Mountain daisy, a perennial plant commonly found in the Northwestern parts of the U.S. and Central Europe.

Arnicare Gel is available in a small 2.6 oz. tube.

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