Boiron owner publishes homeopathy desktop reference

NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa. — Boiron owner Michèle Boiron recently published a book on homeopathy for healthcare professionals titled "Homeopathy and Pharmaceutical Care," the company announced. In April 2013, she and co-author François Roux will host lectures in Philadelphia and New York. 

"As patient and healthcare professional interest in homeopathic medicines grow, this concise desk reference fills the gap between advanced technical references for prescribers and book on self-treatable conditions for lay people," the homeopathic company stated. 

A brief introduction covers homeopathic pharmacology basics and provides guidelines for dosage, storage and general use of these medicines. Afterward, the therapeutic section lists the protocols that can be used for more than 56 conditions where homeopathic medicines can be simply and reliably recommended. Each section begins with a short physio-pathological synopsis. Symptoms are listed next along with corresponding medicines and dosages for an easy assessment of the treatment. The authors clearly indicate the conditions that require physician intervention, thus remaining in the safe scope of consulting.

Purchasers of this book will be given the option to and instructions on creating a free online account to access updates. Protocols in the book will be hyperlinked to a summarized version of The Materia Medica and drug facts for branded medicines. Prescribers can therefore easily toggle between the information. Additionally, prescribers can create a customized recommendation template with their business information and print it as a convenient take-away for patients.

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