Blueair launches Zon personal air purifier

Blueair's Zon personal air purifier is ideal for personal, on-the-go use.

CHICAGO Blueair unveiled a product that promises a "personal clean air zone."

The portable Zon personal air purifier -- a lightweight, compact unit -- assures consumers, especially those with respiratory conditions, access to clean air anywhere.

How it works: The Zon combines mechanical and electrostatic filter technology for highly efficient cleaning. A whisper-silent fan draws air through the HEPASilent filter, where negatively charged particles cling to the fibers. Air then passes through the docking station, where an ion brush charges the air that is released back into the room. The Zon also features a variable speed control that adjusts the airflow, Blueair said.

“Our design removes the barrier from hard casing used by many other companies that have a fan to draw air into the unit and push it out again,” noted Bengt Rittri, president and Founder of Blueair.

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