Bloomberg: Tesco reassures U.S. customers as investment bank conducts strategic review

NEW YORK — U.K. grocer Tesco is attempting to reassure shoppers that its United States-based Fresh & Easy supermarkets are not closing after announcing in December plans to exit the U.S. market, Bloomberg News reported Friday. 

Not too long after Tesco announced its possible U.S. exit, a Facebook page titled "Save Fresh and Easy" was created. "By liking this page, we ask you to help keep our doors open by bringing three friends with you and show them exactly what it is you have come to love about us," the site administrators, who noted the page was not officially sanctioned by Fresh and Easy, stated. 

As of Feb. 4, that site had 1,197 "likes."

According to the Bloomberg report, investment bank Greenhill is conducting a strategic review of Fresh & Easy for Tesco, which should be ready by April. The U.S. business hasn't turned a profit since it was opened in 2007, the report noted.

The official word from Fresh and Easy, which Bloomberg noted went out to consumers via email, was "While we don’t know exactly what the outcome of this strategic review process will be, we want to assure you we don’t have plans to close stores and we’re confident Fresh & Easy can continue to be your favorite neighborhood market. In fact, we’re kicking off a new campaign this week so keep an ear out for our new radio spots.” 

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