Blog: Kroger tests marketing fuel point awards in exchange for transferred prescriptions

HOUSTON — Kroger is test-marketing the giving of 1,000 "fuel points" toward discounted gas for each transferred prescription vs. the traditional $25 Kroger gift card, according to a blog published on the Houston Chronicle website Wednesday. 

"Still a good deal, but probably worth $15 or $20 for an average fill-up (and it’s probably best to pull up to the pump near empty). If you drive an SUV or one of those double-tank pickups — or a Hummer — you’ll save as much as $35 because the discount is good for up to 35 gallons," observed blogger Cindy George. "The current transferred-prescription promotion offering 1,000 fuel points is a pilot program Kroger has been testing in the Houston market since November. The experiment continues through this month."

The promotion requires the transferred prescription to be filled and purchased at least once at a competing pharmacy, George reported. 



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