BlenderBottle revolutionizes portable nutrition

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah — BlenderBottle Company today announced a new portable stacking device designed to carry powders, pills, snacks and more while traveling.

The GoStak is a system of durable interlocking jars. As an innovative alternative to messy baggies and bulky containers, it provides a way to carry protein powders, meal replacement ingredients, vitamins, supplements, flavored drink mixes, energy powders and electrolyte supplements. It can also be used for condiments, baby formula, toddler snacks and more.

The GoStak is made of durable, stain- and odor-resistant Eastman Tritan. A unique Twist n’ Lock system secures the jars together with a quick twist; and a secure seal ensures worry-free portability. Designed to work with the BlenderBottle SportMixer and Classic products, the GoStak fits inside the bottles for compact traveling. The inclusion of a removable carrying handle also makes it a snap to clip to your bag or purse and take anywhere.

“We designed the GoStak to complement and work in tandem with our other BlenderBottle products,” said Steve Sorensen, inventor and CEO of BlenderBottle. “So many people are taking nutritional supplements on the go, but have to resort to messy baggies or bulky containers. Since the GoStak fits right inside the BlenderBottle shaker cups, people can fill their GoStak jars, lock them together, and pop them in their BlenderBottle as they head out the door.”

Like all BlenderBottle products, the GoStak is BPA-free. The GoStak system features four different jar sizes (larger-diameter jars coming later this year), each able to lock interchangeably with others, allowing users to mix and match to fit their needs. The entire system is dishwasher safe.

The BlenderBottle GoStak is available in a variety of colors in the following configurations: 4 Pak Assorted (MSRP $12.99); 2 Pak 150 cc (MSRP $9.99); 3 Pak 100 cc (MSRP $9.99); 3 Pak 60 cc (MSRP $8.99); 4 Pak 40 cc (MSRP $8.99). The GoStak is available for purchase at, as well as several national retailers.

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