Blast Powder Nutrition breaks into energy shot/drink market

LOS ANGELES — Blast Powder Nutrition Co. on Thursday announced its entry into the energy shot/drink market with its Blast Powder, a packet that can be added to a beverage and contains 300 mg of caffeine. 

“Blast Powder is the healthy alternative to energy and sports drinks in a convenient packet,” stated John Richards, VP consumer relations and marketing at Blast Powder. “Other popular energy drinks, such as Red Bull and Monster, often contain high levels of sugar and other ingredients that your body does not need. Blast Powder is an all-natural alternative for people looking to get a quick blast of energy, without the crash.”

Blast Powder is packaged in a single-serving packet and is in powder form, containing only 6 calories and no sugar per serving. In addition to caffeine, the formulation includes stevia and creatine monohydrate. 

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