Black Friday shoppers in Manhattan who overindulged the day before offered relief with Di-Gel

NEW YORK — Ilex Consumer Products Group successfully addressed the post-Thanksgiving gastrointestinal distress for New Yorkers who ventured out to Fifth Avenue on Black Friday with more than 2,000 samples of the company's recently launched Di-Gel for stomach discomfort. 

Di-Gel hosted a “Comfort Zone” along Fifth Avenue in Manhattan with free, clean restrooms for shoppers. “Given the recent events in New York City, we thought this was the right time to host this event, support local businesses and make Black Friday shoppers a little more comfortable,” stated Bernie Kropfelder, EVP and general manager of OTC at Ilex Products Group.

The Di-Gel campaign, which launched with the brand tagline, “When you overdo, undo”, highlights the various triggers that lead soon-to-be users to overdo it at times, such as overeating and stress, among other things. “We all overdo it at times, and we often pay for it with an upset stomach. Di-Gel is the solution for when that catches up with you,” Kropfelder said. 

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