Birchwood introduces sanitary skin cleanser

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. Birchwood Laboratories last week introduced two new products for the health professional or family caregiver that provide a sanitary solution for incontinence cleansing and management.

B-SURE Perineal Wash Is a gentle no-rinse formula that’s a more effective alternative to soap and water for cleansing the perineal area of fecal matter and urine due to incontinence. Enriched with aloe and glycerin, B-SURE Perineal Wash soothes sensitive skin while it cleanses and can be used as an all-over skin cleanser.

Fast acting B-SURE Odor Eliminator is a unique formulation that works on contact to destroy odors at their source. Not a masking agent, B-SURE Odor Eliminator neutralizes airborne odors. It eliminates biological odors associated with incontinence and other sickroom odors including feces, urine, emesis and necrotic tissue.

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