BioRx launches hemophilia smartphone app

MyFactor described as specialty pharmacy industry's first app for hemophilia patients, caregivers

CINCINNATI — A mobile app described as the specialty pharmacy industry's first for patients with hemophilia has become available.

Specialty pharmacy and infusion services provider BioRx announced the launch of the app, MyFactor, which it developed to give patients with hemophilia and related bleeding disorders and their caregivers a place to easily monitor and manage their home treatment. The app will be released in the Apple Store next month and allows patients to electronically record bleeding episodes and treatments and share information with their healthcare team, including pharmacists, physicians, nurses and care coordinators.

"MyFactor is the first hemophilia app from a specialty pharmacy," BioRx co-founder Eric Hill said. "This creates a unique platform for BioRx customers and staff to more efficiently communicate and exchange detailed treatment information and helps both parties to anticipate and plan for future needs."

Patients and caregivers can use a "wizard" graphical interface to log details of treatments and bleeding episodes, including type, cause, location and levels of pain and severity, as well as scan barcodes of clotting factor brands and generate customized historical reports in formats like PDF and CSV.


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