BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy: Services help boost adherence among patients

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. — Nearly all surveyed patients using BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy’s services over the last six years adhered to their therapies, according to recent statistics.

Quarterly data collected between 2004 and 2010 found that of 17,000 patients analyzed, compliance at the time of discharge was 92%.

“This retrospective data demonstrates to the payers, prescribers, pharma and patients that we are measurably improving outcomes as we daily manage specialty therapies,” BioPlus CEO Stephen Vogt said. “This is our mission. We will continue to be the innovators of valued solutions as we enhance our pharmaceutical management programs.”

The company said its staff was trained to identify signs of adherence and compliance problems, and to intervene when necessary in the form of consultations with doctors of pharmacy who attempt to discern and help resolve issues that lead to adherence problems.

“This data is part of our quality assessment results that we review quarterly,” BioPlus director of pharmacy services Nick Maroulis said. “By asking the question, ‘How can we improve compliance?,’ our entire clinical team is comfortable that we have found the answers, and the data over the years demonstrates that.”

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