Biogen Idec expands MS ActiveSource

WESTON, Mass. — Biogen Idec has expanded its online resource for patients living with multiple sclerosis to include new resources and support programs.

MS ActiveSource features have expanded to include additional information and support on a range of issues, including financial assistance and nursing services. Additionally, the website also features a new online patient-to-patient community called ActiveVoices.

"Biogen Idec has a long history of partnering with the MS community. Aimed at being the gold standard resource for people living with MS, MS ActiveSource provides extensive services and resources specifically focused on helping people with MS and their families live well while fighting this disease," said Brian Prunier, senior director of Patient Services at Biogen Idec. "With MS ActiveSource, patients and caregivers can easily access financial assistance, insurance counseling, 24/7 nurse support and online resources created specifically with the patient in mind. In addition, our dedicated ActiveSource coordinators offer individual support to help address each patient's unique needs."

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