BioDelivery works on risk management plan for dissolving fentanyl patch

RALEIGH, N.C. BioDelivery Services International is planning on developing a safety plan for its new BEMA fentanyl patch, which the Food and Drug Administration accepted for review last week, according to published reports.

In December, a public health advisory from the FDA was released following reports of life-threatening side effects and even death associated with inappropriate prescriptions or use of the patches. So, to be safe, BioDelivery has developed a Risk Minimization Action Plan, or RiskMap, for its patch, which dissolves in the mouth and is placed on the walls of the cheek, unlike other fentanyl patches, which are placed on the skin and have to be disposed of.

Fentanyl is a narcotic pain medication more powerful than morphine. It has been in use for years. The FDA first issued a public health advisory for fentanyl skin patches in July 2005 following reports of the deaths of some patients.

BioDelivery’s vice president of marketing stated that the company is more confident as to the differences between its patch and other fentanyl patches, and believes the confidence is extended to how the drug is meant to be used and how the drug is delivered in the body.

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