Biocodex: Yeast-based probiotics can be used in conjunction with antibiotics

SAN BRUNO, Calif. — Biocodex last week sought to set the record straight regarding the use of probiotics with antibiotics. 

"There is a common myth that probiotics can't be used with antibiotics," stated Kerry Neville, a registered dietitian in Seattle. "In fact, there are different probiotic options available that can be beneficial before, during, and after antibiotic use, like Florastor."

While it is commonly agreed that probiotic supplements can be a beneficial addition to the daily diet, contradictory messages may leave consumers confused about how to incorporate a probiotic into their routine, Biocodex noted. "This is particularly true for those looking to support an immune system that has been weakened by illness or antibiotic use," the company stated. "Use of a yeast-based probiotic can benefit the body during and after antibiotic use."

Because antibiotics attack all bacteria, they often upset the balance of the body by depleting the body's naturally existing good bacteria in addition to any invasive bacteria. This can leave the body more vulnerable to infection. "While there may be concerns surrounding using a bacteria-based probiotic and simultaneous use of antibiotics, because yeast-based probiotics are not compromised, they can continue to support digestive health even when it is weakened from antibiotics," Neville said. "Incorporation of a yeast-based probiotic consistently supports your body before, during and after illness and antibiotic use.

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